21224 | iBOLT xProDock NFC Tag Integrated Latch

21224 | iBOLT xProDock NFC Tag Integrated Latch

IBXC-33627 | iBOLT xProDock Connect with NFC Latch

High quality iBOLT car dock optimized for NFC enabled handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3 & 4, HTC One M8, Sony xPeria, LG 3 & more. Now includes new NFC integrated Latch to Launch our Dock'n Drive App.
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  • Fits all Smartphones incl. Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 & Note 3 & 4. Expandable feet allows use of thick Cases & extended batteries.
  • Adjust feet to fit Cases. Easy 1-hand insertion & removal motion. 2 meter mUSB charging cable included for left side placement option.
  • Strong and vibration free ROK II Mount. Sticky suction, attach to windshield OR dashboard. xPro features industry standard 17 mm ball joint.
  • For convenient and safe driving download the free Dock'n Drive and DockMode Apps. Use included pre-programmed NFC Latch to launch & close.
  • With the triangle style design the camera is never covered, allowing the xProDock to be used as a dashcam when driving.

Keep your Smartphone in a secure and easy to view position while driving. Perfect when using GPS Navigation & music streaming. Designed to hold your phone in a triangle grip. The two feet can adjusted to fit thick Cases like Otterbox Defender and extended batteries. Easy 1-hand insertion to remove and insert. Open design allows for free camera view on most phones. Increase safety while driving and convenience by tapping on included NFC tag for automatic launch of DockMode and free Dock'n Drive app. Sticky suction mount attaches to windshield OR dashboard. Great for desktop use as well. Industry standard 17 mm ball joint on Dock works with many alternative Mounting solution.

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